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Bernard Parisse,
Institut Fourier (CNRS UMR 5582), 100 rue des Maths,
Université de Grenoble I, 38402 Saint Martin d'Hères
Phone: ( 33 ) 4 76 51 43 14.
You can send me a mail to bernard point parisse at ujf-grenoble dot fr

Free computer algebra system

Giac is a free C++ library for computer algebra system. Xcas is an interface to Giac for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, with dynamic geometry. It has a compatibility mode for Maple, Mupad and the TI89. The computer algebra system part can be tested on line.
For more information, please visit the homepage of giac. If the link does not work, you can get windows, Mac OS X.4, linux PC or linux ARM stable version of xcas, or the source code of giac here

CAS for the HP calculators

I'm the main author of the CAS of the HP49G, HP40G, HP49G+ and HP48GII calculators. The source code of my contribution to the HP49G CAS has been released under the LGPL license, you can get it here.
HP49G, HP49G+ and HP48GII : CAS documentation for all ROM versions PDF or LaTeX, by Renée De Graeve , translated by Ivan Cibrario Bertolotti
HP40G English version of the CAS documentation original translation for HP by Mark Howell in doc format or conversion in Postscript, French (PDF), French (LaTeX source code) by Renée De Graeve , distributed under the FDL license.
HP48G, G+ and GX Erable